My pricing structure is very straightforward:

FREE no-obligation consultation

And if you decide to go ahead FREE test patches (done at the same time).

Treatments from £20 – £90 per session (depending on the amount of ink in the tattoo).

I also offer substantial discounts for treating multiple tattoos on the same client.

I don’t believe in asking clients to pay in advance for a certain number of treatments. I run a simple pay-as-you-go service and so you only pay when you’ve had a treatment.

I am happy to take card payments as well as cash.

The FREE no-obligation consultation with me includes:

  • full explanation of the tattoo removal process
  • answering any of your questions
  • assessment of your tattoo
  • estimate of the number of laser sessions you may need
  • the cost of each session (based on the size of the tattoo and the amount of ink in it)
  • skin typing, medical history and current medications review (to ensure you are suitable for treatment)
  • … and if you decide to go ahead – 3 small test patches with the laser (to check for adverse skin reaction and to find the best laser setting for full treatments)

Your first full treatment cannot be carried out until these test patches have been reviewed after 14 days.

Subsequent treatments are a minimum of 6 weeks’ apart – to give the body time to take away the ink that has been fragmented by the laser.

Have a look at my Gallery Page to see progress photos of some of the tattoos I’m currently working on.